About us

Our company ZWUKSO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. was found in 1989 as a manufacturer producing synthetic red iron oxides by calcination Fe2SOin high temperatures and black pigment for building materials.

In cooperation with large European manufacturers we've started importing high quality synthetic inorganic pigments to Poland. Successively, from year to year our sale was increasing, because of that we became one of major purveyor of inorganic pigments on polish market. We have in our offer different inorganic pigments: red, black, brown, yellow, orange, green, blue and of course white in different prices.

We offer the highest synthetic inorganic pigments in powder form from a group of IRONMAX, OXIDEX, CHROMTEX, BLUEFEX, as well as the standard colours of FERRBEX. Furthermore, for manufacturers of concrete products we offer a full range of colour pigments in liquid form MIXBAU, granulated pigments GRANOX, micronized pigments TERIMIC™ and concrete admixtures from the company GCP Applied Technologies. We also produce eco-pigments NOXFREE™ and MIXBAU PRO™ in powder and liquid form.

Our company from many years, is the largest distributor in Poland of titanium dioxide PRETIOX® and inorganic pigments in powder or granular form FEPREN® brand, produced by PRECHEZA a.s. from the Czech Republic - one of the key manufacturers of pigments in Europe. In addition, in 2006-2007, we achieved the largest increase in the sale of iron oxides FEPREN® in the world.

Gained by 35 years of experience allows us to careful selection of products with a variety of physic-chemical parameters dedicated to a wide variety of target applications. We guarantee the declared product quality presented in the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet, as well as the highest repeatability, which is confirmed by laboratory tests carried out on a regular basis. High quality synthetic inorganic pigments can be used in many industries, including the manufacture of paints and varnishes, plastics, paper, ceramics, rubber, construction materials, glass, etc.

The company ZWUKSO belongs to the Business Gazelles Club – the companies that develop dynamically, and are reliable and proven business partners. In addition, we would like to point out that, in order to maintain a high position of the robust and proven supplier of synthetic inorganic pigments in Poland, in 2004 we have implemented and use to the extent required the quality management system according to PN-EN ISO 9001.